Newmarket Coop Online

Welcome to Newmarket Co-operative’s new web site.

This website was designed to meet the needs of existing co-op members of Newmarket Co-op and people wishing to become members of our community.

There are several excellent features provided within these pages. In the Co-op members section, there is the Newsletter page (not currently active) which will contain the monthly newsletter rich with content and very informative.

The Calendar of Events page provides an interactive calendar that provides the co-op members with a list of events for the current and future months.

The Maintenance page allows users to post maintenance requests to the staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere you have access to the Internet. All our pest control is handled by Pest Control Newmarket.

A list of the current Board of Directors has also been provided for your convenience.

For non-members, we also provide information regarding the co-operative itself. This includes Housing Charges, Floor Plans and the Co-op Rainbow Flag.

We will also be providing several links to different websites of interest to the co-op and its members.