What does your business do?
Here at Newmarket Co-op Homes Inc. we provide housing with a community atmosphere

How does your business distinguish itself from the others?
Living in a co-op is like living in a community. When you live in regular rental homes, you are a tenant answering to a landlord. Living in a co-op, you are known as a member. Everyone here is involved in the decisions that need to be done. Since we are a non-profit organization, the housing charges go directly to the running of the co-op. This means that the more people get involved, the more the housing charges stay low. It is beneficial to everyone living here

What products or services does your business offer
As previously stipulated, we provide housing. Along with that, members have the opportunity to take part un numerous workshops and educational services. As well, members have the assurance that the co-op will not be sold, leaving the member with nowhere to live. If you are living in a rental home, the owner can sell anytime. Here at Newmarket Co-op Homes Inc., we have 2,3 or 4 bedroom townhouses. We have wheelchair accessible units as well.

Who generally uses your products or services?
This is generally a family community. We have two parent families, single parent families and senior citizens. We have members in all income brackets. We also have one home that is used by Newmarket Association for Community Living.

Where are you located?
Our address is 65 Emerson Way in Newmarket. We are just south of Davis Drive and Eagle Avenue. Upper Canada Mall is just north of us and there is a GO terminal just to the west of us.

How long have you been in business?
Members began moving in January 1986.

What are the sizes of the units?
2 Bedroom Unit = 924.5 sq.ft

3 Bedroom Unit = 1078.5 sq. ft.

3 Bedroom Wheelchair Access Unit = 1185 sq. ft.

4 Bedroom Unit = 1279 sq. ft.

* You can see floor plans of these units by looking under the information drop-down above.

Which ones are available?